Geeks with passion for their work.

Developing high performance software using agile technologies and always looking for new and better tools.

App Development

Create and design your Application. Satisfying modern functionality: Responsive, complex mechanisms, user friendly and fast performance.

Focus on User Experience

Analyze, structure, develop and implement systems, with the objective of transforming your business processes, and improve the way users interact with the applications, making them more responsive, easy to use and visually appealing.

Fast big data storage

We handle large volumes of data, using Efficient Techniques and Technologies, to speed up data base consults, so your information is always available on time.

Skills development

Single page applications

Single page Application development (SPA), gives the user a more fluid experience, having the aesthetics of a desktop application. We work with great recent technologies like ReactJS and Angular2, with the objective of delivering a better product to our clients .

Real time applications

Our applications process information on real time (RTA) when making a request to the server or send notifications to the user, we achieve this task using native sockets and with the help of

Quick response web services

The time of response of the databases is top priority when handling large volumes of information. With the help of technologies such as JAX-WS, Express or Phalcon, we can guarantee that these times will stay low regardless of the amount of the information.

Big data storage

The information security is our company's most valuable concern, that’s why we’re always ahead searching for high-performance storage technologies that provide a robust level of security.

Modern desktop application design

For us, the end-user experience is one of the most important target, for that reason we Integrate a friendly and elegant interface (UX/UI). We manage to achieve these two philosophies on the final product we deliver to our customers.

Native mobile applications

Developing mobile applications on their native environment will let us have more control over what we can do, obtaining faster results and less limited for future upgrades.

We work with G.O.S.

More services

We offer electronic solutions to provide a complete service to our customers, we handle microcontrollers, DSP, FPGA and many more, in resumen we can connect your software with the hardware.
Data mining knowledge discovery, Extract relevant information from big databases, for this purpose we work with algorithms based on Soft computing.
Streaming Media. To guarantee a constant and clear flow for multimedia content, we use the following technologies: VP8, WebM , Real-time Transport Protocol y Real Time Streaming Protocol.
Machine Learning. Software focused on solving problems or behavior, processing incomplete or a inaccurate data.